Art Direction – It’s more than graphic design

We deliver an array of graphic design, art direction and publishing services needed by anyone working with information that needs a visual form.

It is important for us to understand the content we are working with and the context in which you are publishing it. We have received praise for our habit of occasionally making light but relevant editing suggestions to the material where we see this fit. We take the stand of our audience and ask you all the questions that will help us in delivering a clear and beautiful end result.


Examples of Art direction assignments we do

• print magazine design, layout production, master pages and visual identities

• UI-design

• report design, production and accompanying diagrams

• Charts, infographics and vector illustrations (see information design).

• website planning, designs, development and hosting (we prefer WordPress when delivering both design & development). Also have experience in webshop design and choosing technical partners.

• Design guides, visual identities, style guides, logo designs for projects, organisations or companies

• Vector animation storyboarding, design and production.

We understand the rules of print and digital publishing. We have worked work with clients ranging from public organisations and public stock companies to small private companies, from large to small. In our careers we have specialised in fact-based communication such as data visualisation, research communication and design for journalism and various reports.

Before the birth of KRUT in 2018, we have 15 years of experience in work for clients such as magazines, publishing companies, researcher projects, public stock companies as well as small businesses.

Graphic design and Art direction projects:

Amos arv

Amos arv