by julius

KRUT Collective is up for solving your visual challenges! We’re a design agency co-founded by Julius Uusikylä and Måns Eklund in 2018. With experience in news design, such as layout, infographics web design and development for newspapers, magazines and research projects, we consider ourselves experts in producing visuals for print and online publications.

Our services include:

• Visual identities, art direction and visual concept design

We are well acquainted with magazine redesigns, poster design and high-quality print design projects. Solving both print and digital needs is a given – a good design concept should not depend on a specific medium.

• Infographics and data visualisation

Whether your project needs a final visual touch or a deeper background research, we’re up for the task. Using the latest visualisation technologies and a data journalism approach, we create clear and inspiring presentations of data. Static and interactive solutions, for print and digital publishing.

• Web design, UI/UX

We do both visual and functional design for different types of digital user interfaces. We’re a web development minded design bureau able to take on smaller or larger projects together with our network of developers and designers.

Any visual storytelling projects

Scrollytelling, special content, something completely new? Share you idea with us.

Our clients range from news producers, magazines, university research projects to any kind of company in need of clear visual design.

Let us know of your design needs on and we will get back to you.

Unsure what your needs are? We value our client’s time and money. Let us help to discuss your needs.