We do visualizations.

Infographics, charts, diagrams, explanatory graphics, dataviz… There’s a wide array of terms and names for that we choose to call visualisations. If you’re looking for a picture that explains for example an abstract concept, data or statistics, we offer planning, research and final execution.

Every project has its individual needs. Our visualisation projects range from small to big, repetitive to one-off gigs. Sometimes we join in at a late stage on a well-planned project, sometimes we start from scratch.

What do I actually need? Where should I start? We offer a free consultation session for anyone looking to set up a visualisation project of any size.

KRUT is an information design agency that is specialised in fact-based communication. We work with clients who value honest and clear presentation of information that is based on truthful claims and the scientific method.


Cases: infographics, data visualisations and charts

It's more than graphic design.

We deliver an array of graphic design, art direction and publishing services needed by anyone working with information that needs a visual form. This can for example be a report layout, Wordpress website or webshop, a print magazine design, a responsive user interface (UI) design or a visual identity style guide – we understand the rules of print and digital publishing.

We follow the principles of minimalism and functional design. Every shape, colour and design choice is based in what is published. We take pride in understanding every material we work with and asking you all the questions we need about your work. We communicate clearly with you about deadlines, prices and requirements – you can even leave managing the project to us.

We have 15 years of experience in work for clients such as magazines, publishing companies, and researchers as well as small businesses.


Some examples on our Art direction work

Clients about KRUT

About us

Måns Eklund

An award-winning art director. He has worked with freelance assignments for over ten years with graphic design and web development, and has solid experience on full-time jobs in the busy news production and publishing industries before founding KRUT in 2018.

Julius Uusikylä

Master of Social Sciences with solid experience in visual publishing and news design. Experience both in newsroom work and as a freelancer before founding KRUT, Passionate about journalism and other evidence-based communication, making magazines, websites and visual storytelling shine.

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