KRUT Collective is a visual design agency based in Helsinki, Finland founded in 2018. We have years of experience in visual solutions for the publishing industry and some prizes and nominations in design awards (European Newspaper Awards, Timantti). Art direction, visual journalism, web and print design, data visualisation, poster designs, you name it. The key to our work is solving visual challenges and creating both intriguing and appealing designs.
A minimalist design approach is a mindset we are committed to. Less is more, keep it simple and kill your darlings are clichés we actually find worth contemplating in all steps of the work process– research, design and production – as well as the end result.

Check out our services, previous work or write us a line on info@krut.fi.

Julius Uusikylä

Visual Journalist, Co-founder
+358405088176, julius.uusikyla@gmail.com
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Julius is a Master of Social Sciences with solid experience in visual publishing and news design. Experience both in newsroom work and as a freelancer before founding KRUT, Passionate about journalism and other evidence-based communication, making magazines, websites and visual storytelling shine. Julius is a bilingual Swedish and Finnish speaker, with a fully fluent academic English.

A special interest of mine is making stunning data visualisation infographics. It is always an inspiring challenge to find the balance between many aspects, such as beautiful and engaging visuals, being precise, and the amount of data to present. All while maintaining focus, presenting a clear story. Working with dataviz I get to combine my favourite professional skills: visual production, storytelling, research, and data journalism.

Måns Eklund

Måns Eklund

Art Director, Co-founder
+358 503742577, mans.eklund@gmail.com

Måns is an award-winning art director. He has worked with freelance assignments for over ten years with graphic design and web development, and has solid experienceon full-time jobs in the busy news production and publishing industries before founding KRUT in 2018.

Some prize-winning work by Måns:


Infographics, data visualisation and web design is something I’m good at, I would like to play around with and create something for VR/AR… at some point.